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  1. Mr WordPress Says:

    Response from Jane Burgermeister Re: Interview requests
    Hi Geoff,

    thanks for alerting me to it.

    I had no idea there were any comments on the Whoflu blog.

    The Whoflu blog has only one post so far however it might kick into life

    I will check the comments out and suggest David Maclucas as an interview partner as he is in Canada.

    I am about to file the next set of criminal charges and once that is ut of the way, I will have more free time!

    Cheers, Jane

  2. Elder Says:

    Thanks Jane!!!

    Please see my information on Bionaid and ZeoHeal. Bionaid contains suppressed NASA technology to end the fears of pandemic, and ZeoHeal removes vaccine toxins.

    The government of Ghana recently declared Bionaid as the #1 health supplement after succesful tests this year.

    God Bless You!!!

  3. Paul Says:

    I’m writing this from the south of Portugal (the Algarve). The Portuguese people are totally ignorant of what is happening in the world. There is an apathy which is terrifying. When I mention even a tiny slice of the New World Order agenda, they look at me as if I’m crazy. The reports of Jane’s exploits written in english are not available in Portuguese. I don’t have a very good command of the Portuguese language to even attempt a translation. I won’t even attempt the documented proof because it is completely beyond me. Every day I scour the internet hoping someone has translated it into Portuguese, perhaps by some generous portuguese or brazilian person but I’ve still to find anything. Some kind of video with various subtitles would be ideal. A video file that can be made into a simple DVD to distribute would be ideal. But how to go about this? Please if there is anyone out there who can do a video about this whole thing and if there is anybody that can translate it to portuguese then it would be a fantastic way to reach people here. I could say a whole lot more about the Portuguese ignorance and general apathy that surrounds this poor nation, but the one thing that frightens me is how well they are controlled, how dumbed down they are and how badly they have been enslaved. Indeed the middle class (if you can call it that these days) receive poor wages compared to other countries, with the ability to save almost non-existent these days. I won’t even mention those that are below middle class, because their wages are even worse and its a struggle to make ends meet month after month after month. So once again I ask anyone out there who can get some kind of information together in Portuguese then please tell me about it. Post on this new blog set up by Jane Burgermeister. These people here are sitting ducks and will be led to the slaughter in utter ignorance.

  4. Sonia Says:

    Hello Paul. I’ve read a lot, Jane Burgermeister, I saw utube’s interviews.. I’m horrified, and no, we don’t have that sort of information nowhere and we are so very poor.. I’m a clinical psychologist, with a 7 year old boy and do not have a job, no jobs for psychologists. I dare for my boy and my parents. I’ve come with this WHO, UN, Baxter, letal vaccine, designed to kill Flu talk with my mom and she doesn’t beleive..crazy talk, crazier ideas.
    I want to help this people and my country, but I don’t know where to start. I can translate, but what? People here are very dumb and do not believe… They are all in panic because they vaccines will just come in december…!

    • whoflu666 Says:

      Thank you so much Sonia for helping.

    • Paul Says:

      Dear Sonia, I do understand portuguese very well so please feel free to communicate with me in Portuguese. My problem is in translating accurately and writing. I understand how you are feeling because I feel the same way also. It’s terrible. Here is my email address. Please get in touch with me so that you won’t feel so alone. luvpuppy_uk@hotmail.com perhaps we can figure out a way to do something, even if we can save only a handfull of people, at least it is better than nothing.

  5. Elder Says:

    I have just placed a priority alert at Bionaid.com about what an insider has said about a precusor in the air that will mix with the vaccines planned for the Fall. The biochemist says it will activate the WHO FLU and cause a rapid spread.

  6. steve Says:

    Does anyone happen to know of dr carli’s website?
    I can’t seem to find it on the Net.
    And the program i listened to over the shortwave did not give her website.

    colorado usa

  7. whoflu666 Says:

    Hi, I am admin for : http://whoflu666canada.wordpress.com/
    The Canadian end of Jane’s blog.

    This link for Dr. Carly is all I have ATM. http://www.drcarley.com/
    If I find anything else I will post it.

  8. Sarah G Says:

    The following is a speech given to the Wellington branch of the New Zealand College of Midwives on July 14th 2009:

    Good evening everyone tonight I am going to talk about a health issue that is becoming increasingly alarming for many different reasons. The issue is H1N1 aka swine flu and the right to evidence based information so that individuals can make the informed choice of whether to vaccinate or not.

    Vaccination is being touted by the World Health Organisation as the best practice way of combating the pandemic. Just today under a heading of ‘swine flu unstoppable’ a who advisory group have stated “since the spread of the pandemic virus is unstoppable, vaccine will be needed in all countries”.

    New Zealand has purchased 300 000 doses of the vaccine that is due to arrive in a month and then needs to go through the safety licensing process. However in an interview with National Radio, Health minister Tony Ryall has said that the vaccine may be made available before safety licensing is complete depending on the severity of the situation. Front line health workers such as you and I are to be offered first serve on the vaccines. Next in line are pregnant women.

    In 1976 Swine flu broke out in an army barracks in America. Spurred on by health and pharmaceutical officials the decision was made to introduce a campaign of mass vaccination as a means of preventing a pandemic. A vaccine was quickly developed and within a month over 500 people had developed Guillan Barre syndrome and 25 people had died as a direct result of vaccination. Needless to say the public became distrustful and stopped turning up voluntarily for vaccination. The campaign ceased and so did the spread of swine flu.

    The swine flu vaccines that New Zealand has purchased have been developed by Baxter Healthcare International. In March 2009 word of a ‘terrible accident’ involving Baxter surfaced. It transpired that between December 2008 and Feb 2009 Baxter Intnl and Avir Green Hill Biotechnology sent 72kg of vaccine material to 16 laboratories in four different countries.
    This was to be seasonal flu vaccine that would be rolled out ready for the European winter. However when lab staff in the Czech Republic injected ferrets with the vaccine material, they all became extremely unwell and within six days had died. This happened in the other labs as well and the vaccine material was found to contain live H5N1 or bird flu virus. Bird flu is extremely lethal to human beings creating a 60% fatality rate. The saving grace so far has been its inability to transmit easily from human to human. But what would happen if it got mixed with an ordinary flu and reassortment occurred?? Baxter alleges this was a combination of “ processing, and human error” and maintain they have destroyed all contaminated material and have decontaminated all labs.

    Hang on! What is live bird flu doing inside a vaccine? And how did it get there?
    If I sent anthrax in an envelope to John Key I would be a terrorist yet Baxter sends out a large amount of live bird flu virus and it’s just a mistake??!!

    Already the United States and the United Kingdom are calling for mandatory vaccination against swine flu. Surely that couldn’t happen here…this is New Zealand!
    Under the Epidemic Preparedness Act 2006 broad powers are granted to the Medical Officer of Health in response to the threat or emergence of a new epidemic. These powers include the ability to require a person to undergo medical examination, forbid people to congregate in outdoor places of amusement or recreations, whether public or private; require people to remain in quarantine until they have been medically examined and found to be free from infectious disease, and until they have undergone any prescribed preventive treatment…”Police can provide back up to the exercise of emergency powers (noting that health officers will be concentrating on disease control so cannot be expected to chase non-compliant people)”.

    So what does all of this mean?? Well I’m not entirely sure but I have been left with quite a few questions. Does the Epidemic Preparedness Act over ride my right to refuse treatment?? And what is live bird flu virus doing in a vaccine? I would like to see a full investigation into what happened with Baxter and assurance from the government that the vaccine that will be on offer is safe. Do we really need mass vaccination???
    What are my risks if I do and what are my risks if I don’t? We are the frontline health professionals that really need to be asking questions not just for ourselves but for the women and families we care for. Surely it is better to be pro-active than reactive!
    I thank you very much for listening and if anyone would like more information just write your email address down here and I can send you some links to get you started in your own research. .

    Following this talk and discussion it was motioned and seconded that the Wellington Region of the NZCOM supports the active dissemination of this information.

  9. Sarah G Says:

    Hey there everyone who is standing up and making their conscience heard!
    I have sent this speech to politicians and media in New Zealand. Although it does not give Ms Burgermeister credit the hint is there. I am trying as a health professional (nurse and midwife) to get this thing center stage without alarmist reaction. I spoke yesterday to a producer from 60minutes for at least half an hour on the issue and they seem keen to do a story???? I can only hope they follow through. I am in awe of Janes’ courage and conviction however I am trying to get this story to main media in New Zealand through a more human rights/medical efficacy perspective. The media and most of my country do not do ‘Bilderberg, Rothchild…etc” Through the work of my sister this country is starting to wake up to 911 truth and we are so happy to be hosting Richard Gage this November! New Zealanders are aware of terrorism in their own country…its a tourist event to dive the rainbow warrior!
    To everyone out there that feels like they are ‘nutters’ or ‘getting in too deep’ or ‘loco” I wish i spoke more languages!!! Its not hard to wake up..its hard to stay awake!

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