About the fight against WHO’s mandatory killer vaccines

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has the authority to force people in 194 countries to take a toxic injection against the artificial H1N1 virus WHO helped to create.
Here you will find out information about what WHO is planning in various countries, such as specific pandemic plans, their controlled government contracts to companies such as Baxter.
It was Baxter which released 72 kilos of normal flu material contaminated with a live bird flu virus, supplied by WHO, in Austria in February, nearly triggering a worldwide pandemic, and a case now being investigated by the police. WHO and Baxter are also involved in the mysterius appearance of the “swine flu” a few weeks later, which scientists such as Adrian Gibbs has said comes from a lab. On declaring a pandemic level 6, WHO obtained extraordinary emergency powers over 194 countries together with the UN and EU. WHO has the right to order forced injections and quarantines.
Find out what people in various countries are doing to fight WHO and the forced vaccinations impending in fall 2009 around the world.
This blog relies on contributions from citizen’s journalists around the world. If you want to join in, email whoflu666@gmail.com.

16 Responses to “About the fight against WHO’s mandatory killer vaccines”

  1. Bettie Blecke Says:

    Jane, we here in the states are praying for you and thank you for your courage and fortitude. With God on our side, how can we not prevail. You and Elizabeth, have put the C in courage to a new level.

    God bless you and know that we all here right behind you.

    God bless this world!

  2. Carl Says:

    You do know Deagle is setting you up with this round table panel he is promoting to project camelot??

    Listen to his radio show 16th July.

    • Bettie Says:

      Hi Carl, did you listen to Dr Deagle’s complete discussion. I would think that after listening to it, you would be more concerned about what is facing us and this planet. I am not sure how you felt that he is setting up Jane. Right now, I think we all better concentrate on getting these injunctions filed in our states, rather than who is setting up who. Dr. Deagle’s statements were exactly the same as Dr. Carley, Dr. Jordon, and a multitude of other respected and intelligent doctors. Please start working on stopping these vaccinations. Thank you.

    • whoflu666 Says:

      Carl: You were so right.

  3. whoflu666 Says:

    I am suddenly very happy to live in Canada where we have NO mandatory vaccinations laws for flu viruses. The government knows better than to attempt to impose dictatorial style legislation. The opposition will force an election if the ruling party attempts this type of nonsense. I suggest people flee their country and come to Canada during the fall flu season. Just to avoid mandatory vaccinations.

    • Bettie Says:

      It would be very wise to listen to Dr. Deagle’s discussion. Canada IS included in this mass vaccination along with the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Austria, and several other countries. Check with neighbors. This is going to be very troublesome for you, if you believe that this is only affecting the US. Do your homework. Good luck!

  4. WINR Says:

    Informative updates will be today at 1330 CST on http://www.winr.us with Elizabeth. Tune in and learn how you can support her.

  5. Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan Says:

    Jane, watch out for the disinfo agents that have descended upon you.

    I don’t want to name names, but some of your new “friends” are spin masters.

    They’ll slide you off the edge into some kooky sci fi thing and destroy your credibility.

    It’s better to be a bit less famous and be judicious about who your name is associated with.

    I don’t feel comfortable about the people on Facebook who are your spokespersons, or claim to be.

  6. whoflu666 Says:

    Bettie: So far in Canada, the bill giving the Ministers the power to evoke mandatory vaccinations, is still stuck in parliament. The opposition sees this bill for what it is ( Bill C-6 ) Its is a step closer to giving Ministers the power to write executive orders and bypass parliament with laws. Opposition is growing as the public becomes aware of it. Mainstream media is doing what is expected and not covering the story ( go figure)
    Of all the research I have done in Canada regarding this issue, the only forced vaccination in Canada is from the Board of Education. Which can be easily fought in court. Mainly because the Board of Education relies on peer pressure and threat of suspensions for students who don’t get the vaccination. If they are going to stick their neck out and push people around in such a manner, they will get their knuckles wrapped in court. All it takes is for someone to file against the possible student suspensions, an easy win in court.

  7. caroline carter Says:

    URGENT—Please everyone read this article by Devvy Kidd which claims Jane is a fraud and that there is not any record of charges being filed.


    As someone who is about to use Jane’s information for a talk in Cyprus I am very concerned.

    • whoflu666 Says:

      I suggest you research a little more. Jane is filing charges against those individuals:

    • whoflu666 Says:

      Hi Caroline Rense has come back onside and has not endorsed any claims of fraud towards J.B.

      • caroline carter Says:

        Thank you.

        Having listened to Jane I did doubt Devvy Kidd’s information but there are so any disinfo agents out there and I am sure the WHO and others will be putting their best agents against this knowledge getting out.

        Yesterday I managed to get an add in a local on-line UK paper which links directly to this blog as well as a film I put up a year ago on youtube warning about Flu Mist.

        I have edited the film and requested people to help and contribute to the campaign.

  8. name Says:

    I note you are now well clouded in disinfo artists, Jane. The guy trying to claim that you’re attacking the ‘wrong’ corporation being a prime example. His straw man falls down completely however when it’s thoroughly understood that your indictment covers Big Pharma wholesale.

    Even if you were trying to protect Novartis, you don’t stand a chance 😉

    Time’s running out people – get those indictments into safe judicial hands asap, wherever you are in the world of ‘194 countries’.

  9. Anonymous Says:


    Novartis (swiss) and Baxter (american) are both to blame!

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